Noxio is a 100% Dominican cigar; we make them entirely by hand, something that is not simple. In order to do it correctly we have to put the best of efforts and knowledge together. Dominican Republic is home to all our virtues; respect, love and workmanship. We use all our raw materials 100% dominican grown; We are devoted to our most beautiful lands; we love doing this and we love our cigars.

Noxio is born in the heart of Santiago, a beautiful city surrounded by one of the most precious fertile valleys that exist, El Valle del Cibao; Tamboril, Santiago, is the place which gives us the elements needed to redeem our efforts and fuse them into a masterpiece; the cigar itself. As a painter using primary colors to achieve their tones, we use different tobacco seeds to achieve complex blends; we paint the most beautiful flavors and aromas that can be coveted.

Tobacco, time and patience are the three pillars that build and define us. We believe in our heart that a good artist knows what critics dictates but at the same time they do what they want; we believe in something firm, we believe in the art of pleasure, new art, modern tobacconist art.

Noxio and modern art conveys complex things in a simple and easy way yet is difficult to slice up. Living the present, the only way to truly connect with what we want to convey in each of our Masterpieces. The memories remain and the uncertainty of the next one flashes through the years.

Noxio is to express emotion through smoke; in each puff, his secret. The art of pleasure, synthesized in a pure!