joan-manuel Joan Manuel Rodriguez was born in 1987 in Santiago, Dominican Republic; he is part of the 3rd generation in a Dominican – Spanish family that was established in the city more than 75 years ago. His family has worked hard since then on the hardware-industrial supply business, making one of the biggest stores in the country now a days.

After completing his professional formation as Industrial Engineer, Joan realized that one of his true deeds was to make something that could help people enjoy their most precious treasure: time.

Even though his career was rich and diverse, it still wasn’t enough; he yearned to return to his first love the joy of creating something pure and wonderful.

While doing his research he crossed the path and trained with very experienced people of the cigar industry; he didn’t knew that most of them would be very close to his family some of them not so close. He ended knowing that he was a native tobacco snob and living deep inside of him he knew he was able to craft feelings and ideas to put them in a cigar.

There was art and passion on the way he smoked and he wanted to do something about it. So he quickly learned, what people liked and looked for; He learned how to align each facet on a cigar and give customers wonderful smoking experiences.

We call him Cigar Master; he knows how to wisely choose because he has a gift, the gift that a humble connoisseur must enjoy; modern tobacconist art.

To celebrate his launch, Joan is releasing two cigar lines that reflect his personality, different equations that wildly oppose each other but in the end keeping that coveted balance; sharing the momentum, deploying what we really are.